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Why do we serve Spaten? 

We serve Spaten because it was John Ringlings favorite beer. He even fired his Secretary for drinking it with out his permission! 
The Butler Didn't Do it.
The Secretary Did! 

John Ringling enjoyed beer.  His  American favorite was Pabst Blue Ribbon from his home state of Wisconsin. But, he was especially fond of a beer from Munich Germany named ‘Spaten’. Yet, with the high cost of importing beer at the time. He made it his private stock. No one except himself, and the guests he deemed worthy, were allowed to have a bottle.


One day John arrived on the JomaR and pushed the call button looking for his butler.  John waited for the Butler, but the Butler didn’t respond. John pushed to call button again, and again the Butler did not respond. Becoming somewhat upset, he yet again, pressed the call button, and yet again, the butler did not respond. John was now very upset that his butler wasn’t responding to his call.


He set off to investigate.


Arriving in the Kitchen he found the Butler and an empty bottle of his private stock sitting on the pantry counter. He was now well beyond upset and was extremely outraged. Not only had his butler not been responding to his calls, but he was sitting there drinking John’s beer!


John was very heated at what he found. But, the Butler quickly explained to John that he wasn’t the man drinking the beer. It was actually John’s Secretary, and that for some time now, the Secretary had been indulging in John’s private stock.

No matter how many times the Butler had warned the Secretary that he wasn’t allowed to drink the beer, the Secretary continued.  The Secretary had felt that those rules did not apply to him, since he was of such high importance. He felt he was able to drink it whenever he’d like.


Unfortunately for the Secretary, John did not feel the same way about the Secretary’s importance and fired the Secretary on the spot.



You’re welcome to try some of John’s private stock, and we promise WE won’t fire you for it!

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