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About Bob's Train

​How it all started.

​Bob's Train opened as a restuarant in 2007 although it all started many years before that. 

Bob opened his first resturant 'Bob's Place' in 1997. It was a little 30 seat restuarant that was off the corner of 6th (Now Bulivard of the Arts) and central.

Bob then aqquried the JOMAR in 2004 for $1 and ''Other Considerations" the "Other Considerations" being that he had to restore the JOMAR. 

Soon after in 2005 the other 3 cars were aquired. From 2005- 2007 he took the 3 cars and took them from old house cars to the dinning and kitchen cars. 

We opened in 2007 as a restuarant and the rest is 'history'

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